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Sandesh Jhingan finds Sachin Tendulkar's positivity "contagious" and for motivation, the rising India footballer knows he need not look beyond the cricket legend. I was upset. He [Sachin] came to me and calmly said 'Sandesh, it took me 6 attempts to win the World Cup," Jhingan said. This is the first time scientists have used the technique of polarimetry to determine the properties of atmospheric clouds outside of the solar system or exoclouds.
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Clouds of filth envelop Asian cities: 'you can't escape'

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NASA - NASA Eyes Effects of a Giant 'Brown Cloud' Worldwide

BEIJING — A noxious cocktail of soot, smog and toxic chemicals is blotting out the sun, fouling the lungs of millions of people and altering weather patterns in large parts of Asia, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations. The byproduct of automobiles, slash-and-burn agriculture, wood-burning kitchen stoves and coal-fired power plants, these plumes of carbon dust rise over southern Africa, the Amazon basin and North America but are most pronounced in Asia, where so-called atmospheric brown clouds are dramatically reducing sunlight in many Chinese cities and leading to decreased crop yields in swaths of rural India, says a team of more than a dozen scientists who have been studying the problem since Combined with evidence that greenhouse gases are leading to a rise in global temperatures, the report's authors called on governments rich and poor to address carbon emissions. The brownish haze, sometimes more than a mile, or 1. In the spring it sweeps past North and South Korea and Japan. Sometimes the cloud drifts as far west as California.
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Haunting Asia, a brown cloud blots out sun

T he winter air in Tehran is often foul but for six days last week it was hardly breathable. A dense and poisonous chemical smog made up of traffic and factory fumes, mixed with construction dust, burning vegetation and waste has shrouded buildings, choked pedestrians, forced schools and universities to close, and filled the hospitals. Tehran is far from alone. A combination of atmospheric conditions, geography and the start of the winter heating season regularly traps urban air pollution from October to February across a great swath of Asia. But this year has seen some of the worst smog episodes in nearly 20 years despite cities trying to reduce traffic and factory emissions.
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PARIS:— A vast blanket of smog has been documented over much of Asia and the Indian Ocean, with alarming implications for the global climate, regional weather patterns, agricultural crops and economic progress, according to a study being released Monday by the UN Environment Program. Scientists call it the Asian Brown Cloud. It is an accumulated cocktail of pollution from Asia's great cities, a dramatic increase in the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles, industries and power stations, forest fires in Indonesia and the emissions from millions of inefficient cookers burning wood or cow dung.
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