Does sex make your booty get bigger

I was 14 when I got my first boyfriend. Essentially, we had two things in common: We were in the same grade, at the same school, and we were both very eager to lose our virginities. I don't remember all that much about our relationship other than skipping class to make out in his parents' basement a lot. I also remember that the day I called up my best friend to breathlessly break the news I was finally going to "do it" that night; the first thing she said was, "Well, your mom's going to find out—because having sex makes your butt big. My butt has gone through its fair share of phases over my sexually active years—most of them Oreo-related, I suspect—but I never took my childhood best friend's word of warning all that seriously. However, it looks like a lot of people do.
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Wait, Will Anal Sex Make My Butt Bigger?

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Does Anal Sex Make Your Booty Bigger? | Beyond Luscious

Women have been paying attention to this for centuries and there are many scientific reasons anal sex will increase the size of your booty. When you have anal sex you get semen i. Protiens are what make your body grow i. What I am talking about is muscle. If you dont do what I am saying and you shit out the semen to early the semen wont be able to get absorbed by the body.
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Does Anal Sex Make Your Booty Bigger?

It might even pop up during the throes of passion. Does it or does it not? Some skeptics are convinced that the most you can hope to get out of sex is a solid cardio session and maybe, an orgasm or two but it will do nothing for your behind while others us included firmly believe it WILL…but it depends on how you do it pun intended. Lift you bum upwards, toward the sky, like so….
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Asked by Wiki User. No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger. No sexual position will make your butt bigger. Sex being a fairly vigorous exercise, it is likely to make it smaller should you continue for long enough. No, it cannot and does not make your butt bigger.
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