Phonemic awareness in adults

The adults were divided into two groups, namely: 1 illiterate and 2 literate in childhood. The following instruments were used: Data on demographic data; Predictors of Reading Skills Test THPL test consists of tasks of rhyme, alliteration, and segmentation, administered individually and on a tablet. It is noteworthy that the ability to rhyme in the task was significantly higher in adult literacy. It was observed that the task of segmenting words has been considered more difficult.
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Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center-Lesson2

The term alphabetics refers to the skills of phonemic awareness and decoding. These word identification skills are the foundation of reading instruction. Phonemes are the smallest units of sound in spoken language, and phonemic awareness is the ability to detect those individual sounds within words. Although most good readers hear and recognize entire words and understand them as wholes when they read, when asked to do so, they can also identify phonemes within those words. NOTE: Letters within slash marks represent the sounds.
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Phonemic Awareness training for teenagers and adults

Alphabetics is a combination of skills that come together to make the foundation of reading instruction. So now you may ask, "what is phonemic awareness? Phonemic awareness is the ability to detect those units within words. As successful readers, we take our ability to manipulate sounds in language for granted.
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Check it out! It can be tricky. She gives an overview of the meaning and importance of phonemic awareness and gives examples of what phonemic awareness training looks like. This still leaves us with the question of how to engage teens.
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